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In many families, making cookies is a favorite activity that spans generations. So when putting together our selection of cookie-baking essentials, we chose items that would be helpful to all bakers of any age and skill level. Whether the cookie lover on your list has decades of experience or is just starting out, we’re confident these well-made, practical accessories are ones they’ll reach for often. 

Cookie Sheet

With the strength of commercial-grade bakeware but sized for home use, this 18" × 14" cookie sheet is made by USA Pan, a fourth-generation family-owned company. Heavy-gauge steel with a rust-resistant aluminum coating for good heat transfer, it has a ridged underside that lets air circulate for even top-to-bottom cooking. The non-stick silicone coating (free of PTFE, PFOA and BPA) releases foods readily, and flat edges on three sides make it easier to gather cookies after baking.

Cookie Racks

We designed these stainless-steel racks with closely spaced wires so cookies won’t sag when set out to cool. Supplied as a set of two, the 10 1/2" × 16" racks fit a standard half-sheet cookie pan, and nest to only 7/8" thick when stored. As a bonus, they’re also great for preparing bacon in an oven, cooking evenly with no scorching, spatters or mess. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless-Steel Spatula

As anyone over a certain age may have noticed, spatulas today are typically thicker and more rigid than those made in the past. Modelled after the wonderfully thin, flexible flippers of old, this stainless-steel spatula tapers from 0.035" thick to only 0.010" at the leading edge, so it slips neatly under a warm cookie without shoving it around like a snowplow. About 10 1/2" long, it comes with a fitted guard to protect it in a drawer.

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