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In this collection of stories, the author shares lively anecdotes, some comic and some poignant, from her more than 30 years as a woodworker, cabinetmaker and business owner.

Infused with passion for her craft and told in forthright (and sometimes colorful) language, the accounts span her career from her early training in schools and workshops in England and the U.S. to the challenges of operating her own cabinetmaking business years later. She reflects on the practical aspects of being a boss, recalls the trials of difficult installations and demanding clients, and shares an entertaining tale of mistaken identity, to list just a few examples.

In another story, she outlines the business overhead that customers rarely see, prompting readers to consider the price tag on handcrafted furniture in a new light. An entertaining and eye-opening read, not just for woodworkers, but for anyone who has considered earning a living from their craft.

Hardcover, Smyth sewn, 6" x 9", 151 pages, 2017.