Accessibility Statement


This versatile knife has an oval handle for a comfortable fit and fine grooves for a good grip in your hand.

Designed to use standard disposable scalpel blades, it comes with 12 razor-sharp stainless-steel blades that are easy to hone for repeated use. We recommend our micro-abrasive film for honing. Small paddles with 15 micron on one side and 0.5 micron on the other are handy, effective, and inexpensive to make.

The solid brass collet on an anodized aluminum body makes blade change quick and easy, and blade orientation is always ideal, in line with the major axis of the body.

The magnetic end cap is removable to store up to six blades in the handle and keeps blades from rattling around inside.

Although offered as a carver's knife for fine detail work, it is equally effective as a multi-purpose shop knife. About 6" long. It has both the value and style you expect of a Veritas product.

Made in Canada.

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