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These unique clamps let you reach and clamp in places ordinary clamps won’t. The secret is a fully enclosed gear train that couples the handle motion to the clamp spindle; you can reach into a space or clamp tight to a surface and still have lots of hand clearance for tightening the clamp.

The quick-adjust button conveniently located just ahead of the handle makes for fast repositioning. Removing the clamp pad reveals two crossed grooves in the clamp head, useful for clamping oddly shaped items. The “around the rail” co-molded handle lets you exert a clamping force of up to 450 lb.

Size given is the maximum clamping capacity. Throat depth is 2 3/8".


Weights of Bessey GearKlamp

6" Clamp: 1.4 lb

12" Clamp: 1.6 lb

18" Clamp: 1.9 lb

24" Clamp: 2.1 lb

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