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Bessey’s mid-size parallel clamps, these are about 60% of the weight of the equivalent K Body REVO clamps.

They have a wood handle and plastic-cased steel jaws with three replaceable non-marring and glue-resistant caps. The large parallel clamping surfaces measure about 1 1/2" wide by 4 7/8" long with a 3 1/4" throat capacity. They apply consistent pressure over the entire face of the jaw, making the jaws less likely to crush wood fibers. The end stop on the steel bar helps stabilize the clamp in use and detaches to allow reversal of the screw jaw for spreading. Two removable and repositionable rail protectors space the work away from the rail.

They exert a clamping force of 900 lb. Size given is the maximum clamping capacity. Assembled in the USA.


Weights of Bessey K Body REVO JR Clamps

12" Clamp: 2.9 lb

18" Clamp: 3.2 lb

24" Clamp: 3.4 lb

36" Clamp: 4.2 lb

50" Clamp: 4.9 lb

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