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Our miniatures are all fully functional 1:3-scale versions of our full-size tools – and are meant to be used. Well made and surprisingly comfortable, they are a good choice on delicate projects or where full-size tools would be cumbersome to use.

The planes, scraper and spokeshave have investment-cast stainless-steel bodies; the planes and spokeshave have A2 blades, the scraper uses a spring-steel blade, and the chisels are PM-V11 steel.

The router plane, with a blade that can be positioned inboard for standard use or outboard for true bullnose work, is ideal for hardware installation and for fine inlay or intarsia work. The shoulder, bench, low-angle block and edge planes are useful for any fine trimming work. The edge plane is suitable for stock up to 3/8" thick; the shoulder plane is also a good choice for cleaning the bottom of narrow dadoes. The plow plane cuts a 3/32" slot and has an adjustable fence.

The blade on the cabinet scraper can be cambered with a thumbscrew. The spokeshave and chisels allow a delicate touch that is particularly useful in model making. The chisel set includes 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" blade widths.

The marking gauges (regular and dual) have a hardened steel wheel that leaves a clear mark, even on cross grain.

The honing guide has a die-cast aluminum body that rides on a brass roller and accepts blades up to 3/4" wide. It can be used for sharpening our miniature tools and other small blades.

At 7" long, the rip tenon saw has a high-carbon steel blade with an effective cutting depth of just over 1 1/4" and a nominal kerf width of 0.014". The 27 tpi ripping teeth have a 14° rake using the typical 60° included angle.

All the tools are made in Canada, and each comes in a French-fitted presentation box.

The tools are available in various sets. The complete set includes all our miniature tools described above. Each tool is also sold individually.

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