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When you’re working on projects with our miniature tools, this appropriately sized front vise provides a means to hold them. At 7 9/16" long, 4 7/16" wide, 1 1/8" tall and just over 16 oz, it matches the scale of the other miniature tools but is a robust vise in its own right. Built into a 1:3 scale bench or a tabletop work surface, it is a good way to hold small parts and apply controlled clamping or spreading force.

Made of investment-cast stainless steel and aluminum, all machined within close tolerances to minimize slack and ensure smooth travel. The wooden handle allows fast opening and closing.

The screw mechanism provides 4 1/2" of overall travel (less the thickness of your wooden jaw and bench apron). Instructions are included for installation and creating your own wooden jaws.

Made in Canada.

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