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Traditional Japanese saws have long been popular in North America, but the variety of choices can often be daunting. That’s why we put together this set of high-quality saws that cover a wide range of common woodworking applications and are suitable for use with softwoods and hardwoods.

Offered at a saving of 18% compared to buying them individually, the set provides tremendous value and utility, covering everything from breaking down rough lumber and cutting mid-scale furniture joints, up to the large joinery cuts needed for timber framing and large workbench construction.

The set includes a dozuki, which can be used for tenons, dovetails and other joinery cuts. Its fine teeth and thin blade cut faster than conventional Western handsaws, yet produce an exceptionally smooth cut. The 9 1/2" long, 0.011" thick blade yields a 0.018" kerf. It has a 17 tpi tooth pattern, with tiny secondary bevels that strengthen the tooth tips and resist dulling, and a short uncut portion at the tip that makes starting a cut easier. 21" overall.

The set also includes two katabas – one for crosscutting and the other for rip cuts – both backless saws with thicker, stiff blades and fast-cutting teeth that make short work of heavy cuts, such as for resawing rough stock, timber-framing work and large-scale joinery.

The crosscut kataba has a 10 7/16" long, 14 1/2 tpi blade with a convex edge that complements the arc of your arm’s natural movement, keeping the teeth engaged throughout the saw stroke for improved cutting efficiency. This blade shape also helps clear sawdust and produces a slight undercut, which helps ensure that the visible edges of joints are snug, since it doesn’t leave waste material in the middle that could block the parts from coming together tightly. At 23 5/8" overall, it has a 0.023" thick blade that cuts a 0.034" kerf.

The rip-cut kataba cuts quickly but leaves a surprisingly smooth finish. The 11 13/16" long blade has a progressive tooth pitch, with a fine 8.5 tpi pattern close to the heel so it’s easier to start cuts, and an aggressive 5 tpi near the toe for greater speed. The 0.025" thick blade cuts a 0.036" kerf to reduce binding. 23 1/2" long overall.

Both kataba saws have replaceable friction-fit blades, and impulse-hardened teeth for edge retention.

Well balanced and constructed of premium materials, all three saws are made in Japan.

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