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This combination workbench and tool cabinet is our adaptation of a century-old antique bench originally sold by the Hammacher-Schlemmer company, then a supplier of fine tools and hardware to the trades as well as to discerning hobbyists. Our detailed project plans guide you through every step of building your own version of this versatile, self-contained work station.

Resembling a wooden hutch or other piece of fine furniture, it measures a compact 47" × 19" × 36" tall when folded closed. However, opening the hinged panel wrap reveals a concealed benchtop (38" long by 10" wide plus a 7 1/4" wide trough) with plenty of below-bench storage in an open recess and in six small and four large drawers. A sturdy and space-efficient workbench, it is a practical size for small to medium-scale woodworking, as well as for many hobbies and crafts.

The bench accommodates our removable pipe vise (available separately), which can serve as both a front and tail vise. Dimensioned plans are supplied with detailed instructions covering construction of the bench, drawers and panel wrap separately, with an additional chapter of general construction notes, full of tips, hardware suggestions, design variations and other helpful advice.

All are printed on 8 1/2" × 11" paper so they can be easily organized into binders. Suitable for woodworkers of intermediate skill using a modest selection of hand or power tools; you supply lumber and hardware of your choice.

Printed in Canada.