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Leaving a bandsaw blade under permanent tension is a good way to ensure its early demise. Releasing tension between work sessions prevents premature blade fatigue; it also reduces wear to a saw's wheel bearings, tires and tension spring.

Retrofitted to most 14" cast frame bandsaws* in about an hour, this mechanism uses a simple rack and pinion to lower and raise the upper wheel, releasing or tensioning the blade with the flip of a lever.

It also has an intermediate, partially engaged position to make alignment easier during blade changes. Robust all-steel construction with a large, easily gripped phenolic knob.

Includes all hardware and complete instructions.

Made in USA.

* Fits General 14", Grizzly 14", Jet 14", Delta 14", Ridgid 14" and Sears Contractor 14". Does not fit steel-frame saws or the JET 14" Deluxe Pro (JWBS-14DXPRO).

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