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This is a solidly built lift that, with the exception of O-rings and some hardware, is constructed entirely of steel and CNC-machined aluminum. The 3/4" diameter spindle and guide rods produce an exceptionally rigid, durable mounting. The spindle rotates within two bearings that allow even the heaviest router to be raised or lowered smoothly and easily.

To ensure easy router carriage travel, the guide rods are mounted into deep sockets that have large-diameter bases, creating a rigid structure that resists racking.

The lift positions the router collet above the table surface when fully raised, giving easy access for quick, convenient bit changes. The aperture has a 3 7/8" major and 3 5/8" minor diameter to accept large-diameter bits and JessEm's insert rings. All bearings are double sealed to resist dust infiltration for long life, and the aluminum parts are anodized for corrosion and wear resistance. Includes hex keys for adjustment/router installation, an insert ring with a 2" opening, an insert wrench and a pivot pin.

Special brackets permit the carriage to accept the motor of virtually any fixed-base router. Actuated by a removable crank and micro-bezel arrangement, this lift has a spindle-locking mechanism that is cam operated to engage with only a 1/4 turn and contains three bearings for smooth action. Hard anodized for an abrasion-resistant finish, the 3/8" × 9 1/4" × 11 3/4" insert plate has perimeter grub screws for levelling. Made in Canada.

Offered alone or in sets that contain a table top and the JessEm Mast-R-Fence III, with or without a stand.

The table top is solid phenolic resin to provide a low-friction surface and dimensional stability, and is a generous size at 3/4" × 24" × 31 7/8" overall. Made in Canada, it has an inset extruded aluminum combination miter groove/T-track that accepts jigs with 3/4" runners and 1/4" hardware for mounting fixtures.

The 36" long by 3 9/16" high extruded anodized aluminum fence is straight, rigid and easy to position. It has two sub-fences made of hard maple, a thick phenolic base, and an upper T-track marked with a metric/Imperial scale for mounting jigs or other accessories as well as direct reading relative to the cutter, an adjustable bit guard and a 2 1/4" vacuum port.

It mounts to a bracket at each end of the table that has an Imperial/metric scale for direct reading relative to the cutter. Tall clamping knobs give ready access for making adjustments. Split for effective dust collection, the maple sub-fences can also be offset with shim rods for jointing or to eliminate sniping when machining full-thickness profiles.

To provide stable support during cross-grain routing, the optional JessEm Mite-R-Slide II (sold separately) travels on bearing-mounted acetal rollers that glide along the integrated T-track of the JessEm Mast-R-Fence III.

The 36" tall heavy-gauge powder-coated steel stand has cross-braces for extra tabletop support and levelling feet for uneven surfaces.

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