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By keeping work registered against both the fence and the router table surface, these stock guides improve safety and accuracy.

The fence-mounted rollers are set snug against the top of the stock to restrict lift, with 2 3/4" of height adjustment to accommodate different stock thicknesses. Maximum stock thickness is the approximate distance from the table top to 3/4" below the bottom of your fence’s T-slot; minimum thickness is 2 3/4" less. The 5° feed bias of the guides automatically draws the work inward, keeping it fully registered against the fence. The wear-resistant urethane tires provide good traction on the work, and one-way bearings ensure the correct feed direction, helping prevent kickbacks.

Mounts easily on any fence with a 1/4" T-track. For shop-made fences without a T-track, we offer a kit (sold separately) that includes mounting plates and fasteners.

Largely made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the guides greatly improve stock control on a router table.

Made in Canada.

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