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A straightforward yet highly precise approach to making square cuts with a track saw, this system ensures accurate, repeatable results with minimal set-up time.

Using a pair of sliding flip stops to provide two points of contact against the material for reliable registration, it references from the panel edge to place a parallel cut at a consistent offset. Each stop has a calibration rod that lets you set and lock the stop position relative to your guide rail’s splinter guard for an exact cut every time.

The stops travel in two machined aluminum T-tracks that mount firmly to your track saw’s guide rail at 90°. Each stop has a needle-point cursor, indexed to laser-engraved metric and Imperial scales on the upper surface of the T-track. The stops slide with slight resistance in the track, which permits the fine control needed to make incremental adjustments, and prevents the stops from shifting as you lock them in place.

The set comes with two 30" and two 50" tracks; an optional pair of 20" tracks is available separately. This lets you choose longer tracks for cutting large workpieces, or more compact, maneuverable ones whenever a wider cut isn’t required. You can switch your flip stops from one set of rails to another without having to readjust the calibration rods. The set also includes two extra-long calibration rods for use when cutting pieces narrower than the width of your guide rail. They can be quickly installed in place of the regular rods, which hold their original settings so they can be reinstalled without need for recalibration.

The tracks can be mounted to your guide rail in two ways, forming a rigid 90° connection at any position on the rail. The tracks can be attached to the side of a GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE guide rail square (available separately), which links directly onto Festool track-saw guides, as well as those made by Triton and Makita. The tracks can also be mounted using either of two optional adapters, also sold separately, one made for Festool track-saw guides, and the other for all other brands of track-saw guides.

Made in USA.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

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