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These bushings let you easily cut matching recesses for inlays made with the Veritas template bushings and base plate for our rotary tool plunge base.

The radius of each inlay bushing is larger than the corresponding template bushing by the thickness of the bit, so that when used with the same template, it removes material on the other side of the cut line to produce a negative of the inlay. While narrow sections or acute angles may require some hand cutting, the inlay bushings save you the trouble of making a second template or cutting the entire recess by hand.

The 1/2" outside diameter inlay bushing is for use with a 1/8" bit and 1/4" template bushing, and the 7/8" bushing is for use with a 1/4" bit and 3/8" template bushing.

The base plate included with the Veritas template bushings (base plate and template bushings sold separately) is required to use these bushings with the plunge base for rotary tools.

An efficient way to create inlays in a woodworking project.

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