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Designed for use with the Veritas Plunge Base for Rotary Tools (available separately), this base plate and bushing set lets you follow the outline of a template when precision is key, such as when cutting a hinge gain or reproducing a detailed design.

Two sizes of turned brass bushings are included: one with a 1/4" outside diameter for use with a 1/8" bit and the other with a 3/8" outside diameter for use with a 1/4" bit. Both provide an offset of 1/16" from the cutting edge, so it's easy to size templates accordingly.

The 3/16" thick clear acrylic plate attaches to the bottom of the plunge base, providing a stable mount for the bushings without impairing your view of the work. A ring nut holds the bushings securely in place.

This simple accessory adds a new dimension of usefulness to your rotary tool.

Made in Canada.

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