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This planer is a good choice for small to medium-size workshops, providing reliable, consistent results, whether cleaning up a surface or milling stock to size. The 13" cutting width is suitable for much of the surfacing needs a woodworker will encounter, and the ample depth capacity allows stock up to 6" thick. Its 26 HSS insert cutters are arrayed in a helical pattern, producing a smoother finish and less chance of tear-out compared to a straight-blade planer. Each indexable insert has two pre-sharpened sides and can be easily changed or rotated if damaged or worn.

It’s quick to set up and switch between operations, with easy table height adjustment, including a lever for repeat cut setting. Two especially useful features are the intuitive cutting depth indicator, which shows exactly how much you’re removing with each pass, and a thickness stop that eliminates the need to measure stock after every pass when planing to a particular thickness. Two-speed adjustable feed lets you compensate for wood hardness or difficult grain, and strong roller pressure reduces snipe at the end of long boards. Folding infeed and outfeed tables make it easy to store.

Wired for use with three-wire 120V receptacles, it has a powerful 15 amp motor.


Motor: 120V, 60 Hz, 15A

Cutter head: 2" diameter

HSS insert: 14.2mm × 14.2mm × 2mm

Cutter head speed: 10,000 rpm

Max. cutting width: 13"

Max. cutting height: 6"

Max. cutting depth: 1/8" for stock under 6" wide, 1/16" for stock from 6" to 13" wide

Wood feed rate: 16'/min., 26'/min.

Table size: 9 7/16" × 13 1/16"

Height: 19 1/4"

Width: 34 1/4"

Weight: 68 lb

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