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This kit includes two PROS pneumatic sanders as well as the hoses and components needed to run them off the supplied dust extractor, all carried on a rolling trolley to create an integrated mobile station for practically dust-free sanding.

With a 6" diameter platen and aggressive 5mm orbital pattern, the sanders let you work quickly over large areas while yielding consistent surface finishes in a range of applications. 

Each sander has a rear port for connection to the Mirka 1230 HEPA dust extractor, and a pattern of holes in the platen that distributes suction across the entire sanding disc. By extracting dust right at the source, they reduce clean-up time, help avoid health risks associated with airborne dust, and eliminate stray abrasive particles to ensure better surface finishes and longer abrasive life.

A supplied pneumatic control box allows the sanders to work with the dust extractor’s AutoStart mode, which activates the vacuum only while the tools are running and turns it off a few seconds after the sanders stop to ensure the hoses are cleared. The dust extractor can also run independently in manual mode.

The kit comes with two dual hose assemblies that enclose the pneumatic air-supply lines within the vacuum hoses for most of their length, so they’re tangle-free and easy to manage. Their 18' length gives you ample range to move around as you work.

The kit also includes the adapters needed to branch the two vacuum hoses from the dust extractor inlet and to connect both pneumatic hoses to the control box.

The included steel trolley rolls smoothly on two fixed wheels and two locking swivel casters. It has a fixed lower shelf for the vacuum, a height-adjustable top shelf, various hooks and brackets for hanging tools and hoses, and a fabric strip on the side for holding hook-and-loop-backed sanding discs.

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