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King water stones were among the first Japanese stones introduced to the West. They are aluminum oxide abrasive in a resin bond. In our testing, they were effective in O1 steel but noticeably slower in tough alloys such as A2. The particles fracture and dull after a short period, performing like progressively finer grits, which allows you to move from a medium grit straight to a finishing stone. They are economically priced, require only a quick soaking before use, and are a good choice for honing softer tool steels or when cost is a concern.

The 800x is an excellent general-purpose stone for most sharpening needs, such as chisels, plane blades, etc.

It cuts quickly, leaving a finish that is fine enough to go immediately to the 4000x stone for a final edge.

Measures 8" × 2 1/2" × 1 3/8". Comes in a plastic box to keep it wet and ready for use.

Made in Japan.

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