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This is a professional-grade hot-melt glue gun. It provides smooth, dripless flow at a controllable rate, so you can dispense slowly for repairs and other precise work, or choose faster output to speed large jobs such as flooring or carpet installation.

Its 220W heating element warms quickly, so it’s ready to use in just a few minutes. To control the flow, you can adjust the trigger throw as well as the temperature from 285° to 428°F (140° to 220°C), which regulates the viscosity of the glue so you can dispense as slowly or quickly as needed without straining your grip. Releasing the trigger stops the flow instantly, and the simple but effective integral stand helps prevent mess when you set it down.

There are two high-quality hot-melt adhesive formulations available, letting you choose a glue with the initial tack strength and working time that’s best suited for the task.

Two optional nozzles are available separately: a double-flow nozzle for rapid output and a repair nozzle for precise application.

Highly recommended.

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