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This product has become known in the woodworking industry as being effective for preserving unused portions of finishing materials. A quick burst of Finish Preserve (argon gas) into the storage container followed by the immediate capping of the container is all that is necessary. It replaces the oxygen at the surface with a blanket of gases that seals the liquid from possible oxidation. Providing the container remains sealed, the surface gas blanket will not dissipate.

Useful for oil-based finishing products including stains, oils, paints, resins, pastes and other liquids that react with oxygen. One can will seal about 37 gallon-sized containers or 75 quart-sized containers. Note: the full can feels empty, but will provide approximately 75 two-second bursts of non-toxic, non-flammable gas.

11.7g (0.41 oz). Made in USA.

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