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This is the best container we've found to maximize the shelf life of most common liquid finishes.

The bag is designed to let you squeeze out any air left above the liquid, inhibiting evaporation and oxidation. Made of 7.5-mil thick three-ply plastic with strong electro-welded seams, the 1.05 quart (1.01 litre) reusable bag has a gusseted bottom that lets it stand upright and stable during filling and storage.

The sides are transparent for easy inspection of contents, with a large label area for identifying the finish. The bag comes with a screw cap and vinyl tubing to simplify filling with a funnel (not included). Effective with oil-, water- and alcohol-based finishes (not for use with finishes containing methyl ethyl ketone, lacquer thinner or acetone).

An effective way to preserve finish quality and prevent waste.

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