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Quick and easy to install, these spacers are designed to promote drainage and airflow between your deck ledger and house to help prevent rot caused by trapped moisture.

Made of non-corrosive glass-filled polypropylene, they have a large bearing surface for load distribution and can be screwed directly to the ledger. You will need to supply primary fasteners for connecting the ledger to the structure (usually bolts or lag screws) and secondary fasteners for installing the spacers on the ledger.

Two spacer sizes are available. The small version is 1/2" thick by 2" in diameter with a center hole of approximately 5/16". The large spacer is 5/8" thick by 2 1/2" in diameter with a center hole of approximately 11/16" for use with 1/2" and 5/8" diameter fasteners.

See the Care and Use tab for the manufacturer’s recommended fasteners and installation instructions.

Sold in packages of 10.

Made in USA.

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