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Who wouldn’t love a little help in the kitchen? This cooking accessory is a handy 11-card guide designed to take the guesswork out of food preparation.

Packed with cooking tips, including roasting and microwave cooking, it also answers the most commonly asked kitchen questions. The cards include cooking times as well as proper meat temperatures for food safety. The conversion charts with metric equivalents make it easy to convert the measurements for liquid and dry ingredients. Find the microwave cooking time for fresh vegetables, the flavor profile of herbs and spices for a perfect food pairing, or substitutes for baking soda, sour cream, baking chocolate and buttermilk.

The non-porous surface is fully sealed and washable to eliminate any food safety concerns, while the magnetic backing keeps it nearby on the fridge. Alternatively, it can hang from a hole cut into the top. The cards fan out for easy viewing, with color-coded tabs to quickly find the page you need. Made in USA.

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