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For use with a 6" orbital sander with a hook facing, this kit provides the abrasives, pads and compounds needed to finish-sand and polish epoxy resin surfaces. The 150-piece kit includes mesh, film and foam sanding discs, lamb's wool and flat-faced polishing pads, and polishing compound (Polarshine 10).

The extended assortment of abrasives provides an appropriate progression of grits to handle shaping, smoothing and final surface preparation before polishing or finishing. All have excellent wear resistance, cut quickly, resist clogging and leave a consistent finish. The Abranet discs are aluminum oxide abrasive (80x to 600x) bonded to a tough polyamide mesh for excellent dust extraction. Micro sanding is performed first with the fine Polarstar discs, with aluminum oxide abrasive (1200x and 1500x) bonded to a flexible polyester film, and completed with the foam-backed silicon-carbide (2000x) Abralon discs (used wet).

For polishing, the lamb's wool pad and flat foam pads are used in sequence with the Polarshine 10 compound to remove sanding and swirl marks.

The kit provides a saving of 32% compared to buying the components separately.


Kit includes:

5 × 80x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 120x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 180x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 240x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 320x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 400x 6" Abranet disc

5 × 600x 6" Abranet disc

50 × FA61105093 1200x 6" Polarstar 15-hole grip disc

50 × FA61105094 1500x 6" Polarstar 15-hole grip Disc

10 × 8A-240-2000 2000x 6" Abralon foam grip disc

2 × MPADBF-6F 6" black flat‐faced foam polishing pad

2 × MPADLW 6" lamb’s wool pad

1 × PC10-025L 250ml Polarshine 10

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