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This remarkable puzzle set captures the curiosity of young astronomers as they build eight distinct 3D planets to create their own miniature solar system.

The brightly colored, curved puzzle pieces fit snugly together without need for glue and are numbered on the inside to aid assembly, though they can still be pieced together intuitively as you would with a traditional jigsaw puzzle. Once assembled, the planets range from approximately 2" to 6" in diameter.

Complementing the set is an eye-catching 37 1/2" × 28 1/2" solar system poster that functions as either wall art or a base display for the planets (stands supplied). Alternatively, you can suspend the solar system using the included thread.

The set includes 522 puzzle pieces plus accessories including stands, planetary rings for Saturn and Uranus, a sun, a moon, thread and the poster. Suitable for ages 7+.

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