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Whether you bake your own bread or buy it from a shop, this reusable bag is one of the best ways for storing it and prolonging its freshness.

Made of 100% linen with a beeswax liner, it helps bread keep its freshness longer than plastic or paper, as it allows the bread to breathe, preventing it from drying out without permitting a build-up of moisture.

The beeswax liner has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties to reduce the risk of contamination and deter, although not entirely prevent, mold from growing.

It is equally suitable for keeping assorted baked goods fresh; fruits and vegetables can also be stored in the bag and then placed in the refrigerator to help them maintain moisture.

This biodegradable bag measures 11" × 14" and has a wide opening with a convenient drawstring closure.

Cleaning instructions included.

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