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This is the kind of space-saving shop fixture that every woodworker could make; our kit saves you the trouble. We designed this clamp rack to be strong and practical, with easy-to-assemble pre-cut parts in a kit that includes all required assembly and mounting hardware. Made from 18mm thick Baltic birch plywood, it is sturdy enough to bear the weight of half a dozen heavy bar clamps. The 12 1/2" long arms have a wide bearing surface that won’t cut into the surface of clamp pads and a raised lip to keep clamps from slipping off the front. The 4 1/2" × 9" backplate mounts to a single stud with a pair of lag screws.

The spacing of the arms accepts any parallel-jaw clamps with a 1 3/8" bar, including Bessey K Body REVO clamps, anti-slip parallel jaw clamps, and Dubuque aluminum bar clamps as well as 3/4" pipe clamps. A simple rack that serves its purpose well. Made in Canada.

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