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To provide stable support during cross-grain routing, this carriage travels on bearing-mounted acetal rollers that glide along the integrated T-track of a JessEm Mast-R-Fence II, Mast-R-Fence III or TA Fence. It mounts quickly and securely without tools or fasteners, and can be easily removed when not in use.

The protractor head rotates 45° to the left, and a Vernier scale permits fine adjustment to 1/10°. The knurled locking handle is a substantial 1 1/2" in diameter for a secure grip.

Made from a thick-walled extrusion to dampen vibration, the miter fence adjusts side-to-side for bit clearance, and has a T-track on the face for mounting jigs, sacrificial backers or other fixtures. As an added safety feature on this upgraded model, an articulating bit guard travels with the workpiece during the cut, and automatically retracts when the workpiece is removed.

Made in Canada from polished steel and machined aluminum, this is a robust, precise and easy-to-set accessory.

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