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The latest upgrade to the Mast-R-Fence, this is the same fence supplied with the JessEm router tables that we offer, now available on its own for those who want to outfit a new or existing table with a premium-grade fence.

Made entirely in Canada, the 36" long, 3 5/8" high anodized aluminum fence extrusion is straight, rigid and easy to position. It has two sub-fences made of hard maple, a thick phenolic base, and an upper T-track marked with a metric/Imperial scale for mounting jigs or other accessories. All hardware components are made of steel or aluminum.

The fence mounts to a 32" wide table with a pair of included brackets, each marked with Imperial/metric scales for accurate positioning relative to the cutter, or it can be mounted in two T-tracks 17" apart on center. Both mounting options use oversize clamping knobs so they’re easy to reach for when making quick adjustments while you work. For effective dust collection, the split fence allows unobstructed access to the vacuum port that fits 2 1/4" and 2 1/2" hoses. The sub-fences can be offset with included shim rods for jointing or to eliminate sniping when machining full-thickness profiles.

A well-made router fence.

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