Accessibility Statement

The last several years have seen the market return to classic tools: bespoke knives, quality axes, and hand-forged chisels. Everything old is apparently “new again”.

At Veritas, we are not immune to the desire to jump on the resurrected-product bandwagon.

Every woodworker knows that removing the least amount of material in a single pass is the ultimate expression of woodworking skill. Well, we’ve put our money where our mouth is (and chin, cheeks and neck).

Introducing the Veritas Classic Double Razor – for those that really enjoy close shaves. Sporting double PM-V11 blades housed in a stainless-steel body, it will certainly outlast the user (especially if not wielded with skill). Regular use of the Veritas Classic Double Razor will not only ensure you look your best, it will provide daily reinforcement of the importance of keeping your sharpening skills “well-honed”.

Each 1.41” wide blade has an optimal blade angle of 30 degrees, with an effective bed angle of 54 degrees – perfect for minimizing tear-out. Cut control is also aided by setting the hair-breaker close to the razor’s edge (literally, a razor’s edge away) to avoid type 2 hair curling. Slightly relieved corners ensure no undesired track marks. The .05” thick blades have a usable sharpening life of .6” – making this a tool you can pass down to future generations.

The handle is turned from select torrefied maple for a slip-free and comfortable grip.

For those dexterously challenged, we offer a left-hand version as well.

Made in Canada. (for use on facial hair only)