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Did you know we offer quantity discounts on items that are commonly purchased in bulk? Stock up and save on a wide variety of woodworking and hardware products, ranging from cabinet handles, and sandpaper to storage bins, project parts and much more.

On all items shown below, bulk pricing applies when you purchase a certain minimum quantity (e.g., 5+ or 10+), as indicated on the individual product pages.

41K2801 - Christmas Ball, each

Wooden Christmas Ball


41K0132 - Button-1/2" Base, Each

Hardwood Buttons

From: $0.09

01W4801 - 9/32" x 5/8" Brass Eye

Brass Eye


41K0503 - Nickel Plated Peg, each

Cribbage Pegs

From: $0.34

41K0122 - Person

Wooden Person


41K0164 - Vehicle Wheel, 1"

Modern Wooden Toy/Vehicle Wheels

From: $0.26

41K1901 - Brass Insert

Brass Candle Cup Insert


41K0156 - Checker, each

Wooden Checker


88K7415 - Leatherette

Pen Cases

From: $1.15

88K7522 - 6" Bocote, each

Figured & Exotic Wood Blanks

From: $2.50

88K7963 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Purple Mesh

Purple Mesh Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank


88K7960 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Tangerine Mesh

Tangerine Mesh Acrylic Acetate Pen Bla...


88K7964 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Midnight Mesh

Midnight Mesh Acrylic Acetate Pen Blan...


88K7965 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Tropical Waves

Tropical Waves Acrylic Acetate Pen Bla...


88K7961 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, White Mesh

White Mesh Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank


88K7962 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Burnt Copper

Burnt Copper Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank


88K7967 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Peacock Mesh

Peacock Mesh Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank


88K7966 - Acrylic Acetate Pen Blank, Blue/Orange Swirl

Blue/Orange Swirl Acrylic Acetate Pen ...


88K7627 - Sierra Nomad Pen, Chrome

Sierra Nomad Pen Hardware


88K8230 - New Series Ballpoint Pen, Gold

New Series Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8350 - Bushing Set for New Series Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for New Series Ballpoint P...


88K8240 - New Series Rollerball Pen, Gold

New Series Rollerball Pen Hardware


88K8250 - New Series Fountain Pen, Gold

New Series Fountain Pen Hardware


88K8351 - Bushing Set for New Series Rollerball & Fountain Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for New Series Rollerball ...


88K8260 - Pensar Ballpoint Pen, Gold

Pensar Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8270 - Glacia Ballpoint Pen, Gold

Glacia Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8352 - Bushing Set for Glacia Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Glacia Ballpoint Pen H...


88K8281 - Yari Ballpoint Pen, Hardite/Chrome

Yari Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8353 - Bushing Set for Yari Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Yari Ballpoint Pen Har...


88K8293 - Geta Ballpoint Pen, Gunmetal/Chrome

Geta Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8354 - Bushing Set for Geta Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Geta Ballpoint Pen Har...


88K8310 - Atracia Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Atracia Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8355 - Bushing Set for Atracia Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Atracia Ballpoint Pen ...


88K8311 - Atracia Rollerball Pen

Atracia Rollerball Pen Hardware


88K8312 - Atracia Fountain Pen Hardware

Atracia Fountain Pen Hardware


88K8356 - Bushing Set for Atracia Rollerball & Fountain Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Atracia Rollerball & F...


88K8322 - Olmsted Ballpoint Pen, Gunmetal

Olmsted Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K8357 - Bushing Set for Olmsted Ballpoint Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Olmsted Ballpoint Pen ...


88K8330 - Sierra Diverse Pen, Gold

Sierra Diverse Pen Hardware


88K8358 - Bushing Set for Sierra Diverse Pen Hardware

Bushing Set for Sierra Diverse Pen Har...


88K8340 - Surfix Duo Ballpoint Pen, Gold

Surfix Duo Ballpoint Pen Hardware


88K7717 - Slim Ballpoint Pen, Gunmetal

Slim Ballpoint Pen Hardware

From: $5.20

88K7833 - Sierra Half-Twist Pen, Satin Nickel

Sierra Half-Twist Pen Hardware

From: $8.40

Upgrade Your Home

Blackrock Hardware

Blackrock Hardware

From: $5.60

Yukon Suite

Yukon Suite

From: $6.20

Glacio Hardware

Glacio Hardware

From: $10.30

02W1183 - 128mm x 3/4" Handle

Birdcage Hardware

From: $3.30

St. Vincent Collection

St. Vincent Hardware

From: $9.30

Hartford Suite

Hartford Suite

From: $6.30

Colibri Hardware

Colibri Hardware

From: $4.60

Esquire Hardware

Esquire Hardware

From: $11.20

Davenport Hardware

Davenport Hardware

From: $9.30

Seagrass Suite

Seagrass Suite

From: $9.30

Westerly Suite

Westerly Suite

From: $5.60

Revitalize Suite

Revitalize Suite

From: $5.60

Olive Suite

Olive Suite

From: $7.90

00W5417 - Colored Hillock Handles - Blue 448/480mm x 33mm (500mm)

Colored Hillock Handles

From: $5.80

02W1693 - 448/480mm x 32mm Satin Nickel Hillock Handle

Hillock Handles

From: $5.70

00W1757 - Adria Titanium 320mm Handle

Adria Handles

From: $9.30

00A7355 - Linea 224mm/256mm Stainless-Steel Pull, each

Linea Pulls

From: $5.90

02A1706 - Grace Revitalize Golden Champagne 1 3/4" Knob, each

Grace Revitalize Knobs

From: $7.50

01W3840 - Round Knob, Pol. Brass

Cabinet Door Knob

From: $6.00

01K2002 - 9" Brass Rack

Hanging Wine Glass Racks

From: $6.60

00W9205 - Harness Hook, ea.

Victorian-Style Harness Hook


Pull-Out Wire Drawers

Pull-Out Wire Drawers

From: $45.20

00S0521 - Shelf Support, Single

Blind Shelf Supports

From: $10.90

02K4960 - Zinc Plate, 600mm (24"), Soft-Closing Full-Extension Slides, pr. (100 lb)

Soft-Closing Slides


From: $17.50

00B1534 - 120° Inset Face-Frame Hinges, pr.

Blumotion Self-Closing Clip-Top Face-F...


From: $12.40

00B0704 - 110° Face-Mount Face-Frame Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Modul Face-Frame Hin...


From: $11.20

00B1574 - 170° Inset Clip-Top Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Standard Hi...


From: $10.20

00B0901 - Bi-Fold Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Bifold Door...



00B1404 - 94° Inset Clip Mini Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Mini Hinges


From: $13.00

00B1586 - Blind Corner Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Blind Corne...



00B1596 - 110° Clip-Top Cross Corner Hinges, pr.

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Cross Corne...



00B0301 - 95° Inset Modul Hinges, pr.

Blum 95° Modul Hinges


From: $9.50

00B1813 - Blum Face-Frame 110° Soft-Close Clip-Top Inset Hinges, pr

Blum Self-Closing Clip-Top Soft-Close ...


From: $15.50

00B1551 - Arm Cap, Style E

Caps for Blum Self-Closing Hinges

From: $0.30

00B1603 - Blumotion for 110° Clip-Top Cross Corner Hinge

Blumotion Soft-Close Feature for Clip-...

From: $4.40

00B1815 - Compact Blumotion 110° Overlay Hinge, pair

Compact Blumotion Hinges


From: $11.10

00B1557 - Compact Blumotion 110° Overlay Hinge Cap, each

Hinge Caps for Compact Blumotion Hinge...


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54K7502 - 3M Garnet Sandpaper, 220A

3M Garnet Sandpaper

From: $1.10

55K9301 - 80x Abranet Sheet, each

Mirka Abranet Sheets


5" Abranet 600x Sanding Disc, each

Abranet Sanding Discs

From: $1.70

54K9036 - 8000x Micro-Mesh Disc, ea.

Micro-Mesh Discs

From: $2.50

68Z9122 - 5" Plain Disc, H&L/220x

5" Hook & Loop Sanding Discs


68Z23622 - 2" x 36" Belt, 220x

Premium-Quality Sanding Belts


68Z14232 - 1" x 42" Belt/320x

Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

From: $2.50

68Z24212 - 1" x 42" 120x Blue Zirconia Sharpening Belt

Blue Zirconia Sharpening Belts

From: $3.65

54K9854 - 3M Trizact Sharpening Belt - 1" x 30", 6µ/2000x

3M Trizact Sharpening Belts

From: $7.20

54K9501 - 3M Micro-Abrasives, 0.5µ Chromium Oxide, Plain

3M Micro-Abrasives for Sharpening

From: $3.20

54K9659 - 0.3µ 3M Alum. Oxide Film, ea.

3M Aluminum Oxide Films for Sharpening

From: $4.60

03F0648 - 48" Dubuque Aluminum Bar Clamp, each

Dubuque Aluminum Bar Clamps

From: $33.50

03F0436 - 36" Heavy-Duty Fast-Acting Clamp, each

Heavy-Duty Fast-Acting Clamps

From: $19.00

03F0536 - 36" Heavy-Duty Deep-Throat Fast-Acting Clamp

Heavy-Duty Deep-Throat Fast-Acting Cla...

From: $28.90

03F0136 - 36" Standard Fast-Acting Clamp, each

Standard Fast-Acting Clamps

From: $12.70

17F0615 - Bessey 3/4" "H" Pipe Clamp

Bessey "H" Pipe Clamp


03F0714 - 14" x 7" x 10 1/4" Dubuque Wooden Handscrew, each

Dubuque Wooden Handscrews

From: $18.50

03F0734 - 10 1/4" Dubuque Handscrew Kit (14" Jaw), each

Dubuque Handscrew Kits

From: $8.90

50K3801 -  Assembly Clamps, pair

Right-Angle Assembly Clamps



17F1013 - Clamp and 4 LV Nylon Corners

16' Web Clamp

From: $12.50

16F0100 - 3/4" Plastic Clamp, each

Plastic Spring Clamps

From: $1.50

17K3040 - 40" Hang Track

Galvanized Heavy-Duty Shelving System

From: $3.80

17K3520 - 19 1/4" HD Bracket (12 1/2")

Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets

From: $7.60

27K8024 - Allit 62mm Green Insert Bin, 159mm x 105mm (6 1/4" x 4 1/8"), each

Allit Insert Bins

From: $0.90

99W0270 - 70mm Jars, stack of 4

Screw-Together Stacking Jars


Box-Making Hardware

01B0304 - 2" x  5/8" Box Hinges, pr.

Brusso Box Hinges

From: $25.50

01B0504 - 1 1/2" x  1/2" Quad. Hinges, pr.

Brusso Quadrant Hinges

From: $46.50

01B0404 - 1 1/4" x 1" Stop Hinges, pr.

Brusso Back-Mount Stop Hinge


00H5401 - Concealed Lid Hinges, pr.

Concealed Lid Hinges



01B0605 - Large Lid Support

Brusso Lid Supports

From: $23.90

00D4571 - 75mm x 8mm Stay, each

Lid Stays


00D4540 - Large Sliding Stay

Sliding Stay


01B1132 - 1/2" x  5/16" Brass Knob

Brusso Small Brass Knobs

From: $4.50

00D4470 - Brass-Plated Filigree Corners (4)

Filigree Corners

(Pkg. of 4)


01B1201 - Necklace Hanger

Brusso Necklace Hanger


01A2056 - Dark Bronze Drawer Handle

Cast Zinc Recess Handles

From: $9.80

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