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Would Works

Would Works is a Los Angeles-based non-profit social enterprise that employs and trains people experiencing homelessness in the craft of woodworking. Meet the people behind this benevolent organization and learn how woodworking has changed their lives.

The Stories of the Onkwehón:we: Season One

Produced by two Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) sisters, in this video series, Onkwehón:we artisans share their art and traditions.

The Stories of the Onkwehón:we: Season Two

Following their first video series introducing viewers to gifted artisans and the beautiful crafts of Onkwehón:we people, series creators Jennifer Kanerahtoronkwas Paul and Katsi’tsaié:ri Paul present four new videos featuring inspirational artisans dedicated to their craft.


For some, working with wood is more than just a casual pastime, it’s a way of life. These are the stories of talented artisans who have carved a career path for themselves in the woodworking space.