Accessibility Statement

Contemporary Collection

This collection brings classic and modern styles with pieces inspired by Art Deco influences, traditional 15th century European designs and clean, modern geometric outlines.

Golden Touch

Simple geometric shapes and crisply defined details in these pieces combine with warm, gold-colored accents and finishes for a touch of elegance.

Graphite Collection

Sleek and simple with comfortable-to-grip surfaces, this versatile hardware complements various furniture styles and modern kitchen décor.

Country Chic

Geared toward a modern or traditional farmhouse aesthetic, our Country Chic collection is inspired by the comforts of home.

Nickel Collection

Offering modern hardware with a classic touch, this collection features pieces with elegant fluting, basic geometric forms and textured accents.

Glass Collection

Eye-catching pieces with gemstone-cut designs, colors and simple geometric forms convey an impression of classic elegance.

Modern Collection

Modern design elements and Craftsman influences in these stylish pieces serve to complement any contemporary setting.

Stainless-Steel Collection

Our versatile solid stainless-steel and stainless-steel tube hardware is functional, attractive and built to last.

Mid-Century Modern Collection

Influenced by design elements of the Arts and Crafts style, this sleek, attractive hardware highlights both function and form, characteristic of the mid-century modern look.

Medieval Collection

Motifs and textured surfaces that bring to mind an ancient, storied era create dramatic accents and a traditional, rustic look.

Industrial Collection

Design elements such as straight lines, pitted surfaces, stepped bases and faux bolt and rivet details contribute to this hardware’s rugged, utilitarian appearance.

Distressed Collection

Rivet details, escutcheons and pitted textures impart rustic simplicity to this distinctive hardware.