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This comprehensive guide shows home gardeners how to plan and create a succession garden for producing more food over an extended growing season.

Using forest, prairie and savannah ecosystems as examples of plant succession in nature, the author describes techniques such as interplanting, vertical gardening, planting multiple varieties of the same vegetable, continuous seed starting and more, to keep gardens growing and producing across the seasons.

She describes how to cultivate perennial food plants, asparagus, berries and fruit trees, and categorizes annual vegetables into three types of plantings (quick, mid-season and late-season succession) based on their length of time until harvest. She explains how interplanting flowers in the food garden supports habitat for pollinators, and covers a variety of topics including soil health, seed starting, companion planting and plant spacing.

Supplemented with color photos and easy-to-read charts, graphs and seasonal planting guides to present information for quick reference, this is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to get the most out of their growing space.

Softcover, 8" × 9", 288 pages, 2022.

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