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In this comprehensive guide, award-winning author Laura Erickson shows how planting locally native plants in home gardens and back yards serves to attract and sustain birds throughout the seasons.

Emphasizing the importance of local plant species in bird habitat, she explains how they support birds nutritionally through the seeds, nuts or nectar they produce and the insects they host, as well as the nesting and roosting sites they provide. She also identifies some invasive native plant species to avoid.

Organized in plant categories, the book highlights 100 specific plants native to the United States and Canada. Each profile includes information on typical uses of the plant, its preferred sun exposure and soil moisture, its color, maximum height and most useful seasons. A map showing each plant’s native range and icons that identify the plant’s bird-attracting features are useful for quick reference.

The text is supplemented with color photos, a list of U.S. and Canadian native plant societies, and a chart of common North American birds and their food preferences and nesting habits.

An excellent reference for gardeners, birders or anyone interested in creating bird-friendly habitats.

Softcover, 7" × 9", 256 pages, 2022.

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