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This informative guide helps gardeners identify common insect pests in the vegetable garden and describes environmentally friendly ways to control them.

Author and Master Gardener Mulvihill explains the contribution of beneficial and benign insect species to the balance of garden ecosystems and notes the importance of identifying and understanding insect species and their predators before deciding whether to intervene when pests appear.

She provides an alphabetical listing of common vegetable crops, each cross-referenced to profiles of potential insect pests. More than 30 insects are profiled with clear, concise text and photos, including descriptions of their appearance, life cycles, natural predators, the damage they may cause to food plants and methods for pest control.

The author describes various organic pest management products and 11 DIY pest control projects such as making cutworm collars, sticky traps and insect hotels, and building a raised bed with a row cover top.

A well-organized, easy-to-use resource for any vegetable gardener.

Softcover, 8" × 10", 208 pages, 2021.

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