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In this comprehensive guide, authors Wilson & Carril provide detailed information about the more than 4000 bee species across North America, promoting knowledge and understanding that will benefit both the bees and your garden.

They begin with the basics, including bee names, habitats, diet and the best ways to attract them to your area, explaining how they pollinate and how to provide food and habitat that will draw them in.

In the next six chapters, the authors explain distinct bee families and the various subfamilies, detailing where they can be found, biological details and how to identify them.

Filled with more than 900 stunning color photos and charts, this is an excellent book for any naturalist or gardener. Learn all about these remarkable insects, which can pollinate up to 70% of flowering plants, including fruits and vegetables, and how to attract them.

Softcover, 8" × 10 1/4", 288 pages, 2016.

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