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Everyone enjoys the pleasures of harvest, but the careful planning of the garden, and the satisfaction of watching each plant progress, are special joys savored by the gardener alone.

Because you will want to remember your gardening triumphs (and occasional setbacks), A Gardener's Journal is set up as a 10-year perpetual diary, which you may begin at any time.

In the diary section, one page is given to each day of the year, and each page is divided into 10 sections – more than enough for 10 years of personal jottings. In addition to the diary pages, there is also a section on such gardening techniques as composting, digging garden beds, tree care, soils, and garden tool maintenance, to name but a few. We also provide reference material and numerous charts.

There are several pages to record your inventory of perennials, more to record sketches of your garden, yet more to list plantings and harvestings, etc. In all, you will find 544 pages, most of which you can write upon. This format is designed to help you plan your way through years of gardening. Also, for your enjoyment, we have included intriguing notes on the history of plant lore, culled from arcane and often surprising sources.

Hardcover, Smyth sewn, and protected by a sturdy cloth binding, A Gardener's Journal is both a useful reference and your companion for gardening adventures. Measures 9" × 11". Published by Lee Valley.

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