If you like the idea of making good use of pruned branches, vines and woodlot scraps to enhance your garden, this book is an excellent source of inspiration.

Jim Long first covers the selection of wood, giving hints for sources, including the characteristics of various trees and shrubs. He gives basic instruction in tools and construction and installation methods, then goes into the design phase.

His clear drawings and construction details for trellises, gates, wattle fences and arbors in numerous varieties, with notes on how to avoid difficulties, will ensure good results. (His careful description of how to create a living fence will be of special appeal to many gardeners.) He follows this with suggestions on the best plants to go with your structures and some ideas on enjoying your projects after completion.

Well illustrated with color photographs and charming drawings, this may well be the classic text on the subject.

Softcover, 8" × 9", 155 pages, 1998.