Accessibility Statement


This innovative planter has a large, comfortable circular handle that allows a greater range of natural hand positions, avoiding wrist strain. It has a resin-encased steel shaft core and a stainless-steel head. The teeth easily penetrate soil to quickly create multiple 3 1/4" diameter holes for bulbs and annuals.

Compared to traditional tools, the steps are larger, higher set and offset slightly from the shaft, to provide a wider surface with better foot registration. The steps are also folded forward and slightly curved (traditional steps fold backward, toward the user, and are straight), which softens the corner to reduce ankle injuries. Last, the angle of the step is slightly greater than the traditional 90° relative to the blade, providing a better push angle.

The planter measures 41" long, has a 10" × 3 1/2" head and weighs 4 lb 8 oz.

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