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Manufactured in Portugal by a family firm specializing in scissors-making for 60 years, these are well-made, dependable tools. While some may have minor cosmetic imperfections on the handles, the value is in the cut and comfort.

The straight handles have a curved profile that fits nicely in the hand, a textured surface that permits good grip, and a durable finish to protect against rust and wear. To minimize hand fatigue, a return spring provides just enough tension to automatically open the handles after each cut without being hard to squeeze. A simple plastic loop holds each tool in the closed position when not in use.

Forged from high-carbon steel and sharpened to a keen, lasting edge, they cut with a smooth, precise action. The bypass-style pruner has a 2" curved blade, and the harvest shears have 2 1/2" blades with fine serrations on one blade to help prevent stubborn materials from slipping or twisting as you cut.

Just over 7" long and weighing under 6 oz each, they’re unobtrusive to carry in an apron pocket.

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