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Each of these rakes has a narrow head, making it suitable for working between closely set plants. The set of three includes our bed, narrow and rock rakes at a saving of about 20%. Each has a strong, lightweight handle long enough to work comfortably from a standing position.

The stainless-steel bed rake has a 4" wide head with seven closely spaced tines to capture surface waste and debris and is 65 1/2" long overall.

The 8" wide narrow rake, for weeding and cultivating soil, has a stainless-steel head with eight 2 1/2" long tines and is 59" long overall.

The rock rake makes it easy to remove all the stones from the top few inches of soil. Its basket-shaped head lets you scoop up stones (or a potato or two) from 3/4" to 4" in diameter. It is 65" overall with a 6" wide basket made of hardened steel.

A versatile trio.

Each tool is also available separately.

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