Accessibility Statement


This professional arborist saw is exceptionally well made. Aggressive but smooth-cutting, the 14" long, 5.5 tpi blade is precision ground with a Japanese tooth pattern for clean, efficient cuts on the pull stroke.

To reduce binding in the cut, the blade is taper-ground from tooth to back. It is also curved, making it easier to keep the teeth in the cut and to allow over- and under-cutting of a limb. The special hooked end of the blade is sharpened for quickly cutting through small-diameter brush. Hard-chrome plating on the steel blade deters rust, and makes it easier to remove resin.

The soft rubberized handle helps reduce vibration transfer and provides excellent grip in wet conditions and when wearing gloves. An included high-visibility, yellow plastic scabbard has a quick-release belt-attachment mechanism and comes with two removable hook-and-loop belts to allow the scabbard to be secured to your leg.

Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Made in Japan.

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