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This transplant spade combines the best features of a rabbiting spade and a trenching spade. While most spades are too wide and shallow for precise garden work, this one is ideally sized for working in a confined area. It is designed to capture a decent depth of root structure when transplanting without causing damage to surrounding plants.

It has nicely finished foot treads and an ergonomically designed tubular steel handle with a molded plastic cover. The stainless-steel head is durable and non-rusting, and scours well. It is ideal if you do a lot of heavy work, or tend to leave your tools out in the rain (or snow!).

The spade measures 45" long, has an 11" × 5 1/2" head and weighs 5 lb 10 oz.

This tool is so strong that you can apply up to 150 lb of force at the end of the handle and be confident it will not break. However, it is not designed to be indestructible, so we do not recommend it for uprooting saplings or removing boulders.

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