While many sprayers are heavy and awkward to lug around the garden, this one has integral wheels that make moving it much easier, and the 6' hose means you don't need to move the sprayer every time you spray a new plant. The unbreakable 28" polymer wand with shut-off valve comes with four interchangeable nozzles (jet, mist, cone, spray) for various tasks. An oversized handle makes it comfortable to pump with one or two hands. As an alternative to hand pumping, this unit also has an inflation valve that pressurizes the tank with the help of an air compressor.

Long lasting and corrosion resistant, the high-density polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors holds 3 U.S. gallons (11 litres). The translucent tank, with volume markings in both Imperial and metric, makes it easy to measure liquids, and the 4 1/2" wide opening allows trouble-free filling and cleaning.

Ideal for spraying soaps, horticultural oils and organic pesticides and herbicides. Also rated for spraying most garden chemicals.

Made in USA.