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Even a light impact with a window can be disastrous for birds. This tape is designed based on the recommendations of FLAP Canada (short for Fatal Light Awareness Program) to warn birds away from glass.

Applied to the glass, the 2" grid of small squares convinces fliers that there are no bird-sized gaps; human eyes, meanwhile, can tune out the squares, similar to the way you barely notice a window screen unless you focus on it.

One 100' roll of 1/4" wide tape is enough to protect 16 sq.ft. of glass (the equivalent of a glass patio door) and can be cut to fit any shape of window. A pair of measuring strips and a smoothing tool are provided to help you apply the tape in straight, evenly spaced lines on the outer surface of a window or glass door. The tape peels away, leaving behind the pattern of squares; the pressure-sensitive adhesive withstands regular window washing, and individual squares can be replaced as needed.

With an adhesive lifetime of up to 8 years, this is a long-term way to protect your windows – and your local birds – from accidental impacts.

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