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We developed this tree banding kit to meet the requirements of gardeners doing battle with caterpillars and other destructive insects.

Just wrap the foam around the trunk, cover with a strip of heavy-duty tape, and then spread the gum overtop. Made from natural gum resins, castor oil and vegetable wax, the gum is non-toxic, waterproof, weatherproof and incredibly sticky. It stops crawling insects in their tracks. The foam blocks crevices in the bark, the tape holds it in place, and insects are forced to crawl over the gum if they want to pass the barrier. When the insect season is past, remove and dispose of the entire band. No sticky residue remains on the tree.

Kit includes 45' of 3" wide foam, 58' of heavy-duty tape and a 425g (15 oz) tub of gum. Components are also available separately. Great for controlling caterpillars (like the spongy moth), ants, canker worms, climbing cutworms, tent caterpillars and others. Reapply the gum as needed when the surface becomes coated with insects or debris.

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