Accessibility Statement


These humane traps are effective for capturing garden pests.

Made of galvanized steel, the trap is easy to set with both doors or only one door open (some animals will enter only if they can crawl straight through). The bait is set on a trip plate which, when touched, quickly slams and locks both doors, harmlessly trapping the pest. The whole trap can then be picked up by the top handle and transported.

The raccoon trap measures 36" × 11" × 11" and is also suitable for trapping groundhogs, skunks, porcupines or armadillos. The chipmunk trap measures 18" × 5" × 5" and can be used to trap red or flying squirrels, weasels and rats in addition to chipmunks. The mousetrap measures 10" × 3" × 3" and can also be used to trap shrews and voles.

Please note that the best time to trap female animal pests is before their young are born or after the young have grown. Check traps regularly to prevent undue suffering, and consult local authorities and wildlife organizations to find out about restrictions on relocating wild animals in your area.