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Our herbal tea garden is a perfect endeavor for the new gardener since it lets you start small.

Your growing adventure begins with planting six different herbal seed varieties into fiber pots. You will learn how to use Wonder Soil soilless potting mix and plant seeds following the specifications on each seed packet.

To help you deal with the main challenges between germination and harvest, we offer plenty of articles and videos that will make you feel as though you have your own personal gardening coach.

Then, as harvest time approaches, and in anticipation of your first cup of homegrown herbal tea, you will make a low-tech herb drying rack with a dowel and sisal twine, and then learn how to air dry the leaves and flowers.

This project is suitable for skill levels from beginner to intermediate, for ages 14 years and up, and will take about 6 months (a full growing season) to complete.

The well-thought-out kit includes everything you need to make it yourself, including over $80 of hand tools and reusable supplies.

The seed packets include peppermint, lemon bergamot, lemon balm, orange balm, calendula and chamomile. Components of the kit are listed under the Specifications tab.


Contents of Herbal Tea Garden Kit

6 fiber pots, 3 1/2"

Seedling tray

8 Wonder Soil wafers, 2"

6 seed packets: peppermint, lemon bergamot, lemon balm, orange balm, calendula, chamomile

6 wooden plant markers

Grease pencil

Seedling sprayer

Micro shears

Dowel, 18"

Sisal twine, 240"

Tea infuser

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