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These three styles of plant markers are perfect for labelling shrubs, perennials or rows of vegetables. Made of etched zinc, the writing surface provides a rustproof and inconspicuous method for identifying plants. A carbon pencil, grease pencil or permanent garden marker will create a durable, weatherproof marking.

The hairpin marker is 11" high and features a vertical 7/8" × 3 3/8" nameplate that is crimped on the support wire over a large area, providing more stability against the heaving effects of ice and snow.

The regular marker stands 10" high and has a 2 5/8" × 7/8" nameplate.

The rose marker stands 11" high and has the largest writing surface, measuring 3 1/2" × 1 1/4", and the wire actually pierces the label, making label loss virtually impossible.

Each style is sold as a set of 25 markers. A large-diameter grease pencil is available separately.

Made in USA.

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